Managed IT Services for Accounting Practices

An assert you can count on

Of course, the accounting firms making the greatest strides are those with a strong I.T. infrastructure supporting their work.

This technology foundation can include reliable networks and servers to manage all that data, cloud platforms to give you agility and access to your work from anywhere, and solid backup systems to supply peace of mind.

Since you most likely handle data that is sensitive and proprietary, I.T. security is a big concern. You need to be able to rest assured that the information your clients have trusted you with is safe, whether it is simply being stored on your servers, or is being transferred over any network and worked on from a remote location. Matters of security affect not only your networks, servers, and cloud systems, but also the work you do on the go. An increasing proportion of work is taking place on mobile devices, and it is imperative that the phones, tablets, and laptops of everyone in your firm be secure and safe regardless of whether they are working from the office, the airport, or anywhere in between.

In recent years, an increasing number of regulations have popped up, meaning that you must have policies and procedures in place to maintain—and show—compliance. Of course, the smartest firms are using compliance as a catalyst to shore up weaknesses in their security and increase the trust of their clients.

Adam Hensley
Accounting Practice IT Consultant
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Data Backup that Meets Compliance Requirements  

While no software can make you compliant, Our MSP Backup & Recovery helps you move in the right direction.


Here are just a few ways:

  • Strong encryption

  • Access controls

  • Data center protection

  • Data archiving

Of course, MSP Backup & Recovery goes beyond the standard. It provides a multitude of features to give you powerful backup and recovery that helps you meet your RTOs and RPOs.


It includes: A hybrid cloud architecture that helps you rapidly restore systems and data via the speed of on-premises hardware, while also giving you the redundancy of secure, cloud-based backups.

True Delta deep deduplication that tracks changes to files, rather than full files, after the initial backup. This helps to speed up your backup windows, making it easier to back up data more often.

Bare metal recovery that helps you restore from the BIOS up, providing you with extra protection in the event of a major disaster like a cyber attack.


Strengthen Your IT Infrastructure

With over 30 years of combined experience , we understand the ever-evolving world of IT solutions and trends, and we want to help you navigate it.

Through our Managed IT as a Service package your business gains access to services that can dynamically change your office technology, increase the effectiveness of your company, and prepare it for what lies ahead.

Fortify your IT foundation with:

  • An in-depth assessment and unique technology roadmap for your business.

  • Proactive, round-the-clock monitoring.

  • Enhanced security software to help protect your networks and data.

  • Automated updates and patches, as well as comprehensive software support.

  • Onsite and cloud data backup to help keep your assets safe and secure.