You break it, we can fix it

From broken tablet screens to laptops that refuse to power on or have been struck down by a virus, our fast, friendly and expert repair services will have you back up and running in no time.



Diagnostic Fee

Fee waived on all paid repairs


PC & Mac In Store and Onsite Repair Services

Before you take your computer to the Apple Store or Other Big Box Stores there’s a few things you should know. The Apple store Or Other Stores doesn’t replace individual parts – they’ll replace whole sections of your computer. Because of this, even simple repairs are being massively overpriced.


The bottom line is the Apple store Or Big Box Stores overcharges for their repairs. We’ve helped hundreds of unhappy Apple Or Big Store customers who find us after getting a repair quote at the other stores. On average, we’re able to do the repair at 50% of what the other stores quoted. To keep your PC or Mac repair costs down, take your computer to Jax-Tech.

Just Walk in any time you need our help !  Just bring your computer into our shop or give us the green light to remotely access your computer via the Internet and our Jax-Tech Certified Technicians can perform a quick scan to detect and remove virus and spyware hidden in your system files and registry hives with the help of anti spyware software.


Whether you have a Mac / Apple or PC computer , we’ve got you covered. Also Jax-Tech  recovers data on any type of hard disk from laptops, desktops, external disks and network storage devices, with mechanical, firmware or file system problems.


Services we provide
  • Desktop & Laptop Computer Repair

  • Screen Repair

  • Phone Repair

  • Wifi Setup and Expansion

  • Password Recovery

  • E-Mail Setup

  • Remote Assistance

  • Software Installation & Repair

  • Data Backup & Recovery

  • Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal

  • Network Security

  • Computer Monitoring System

  • Power Supply Repair

  • Printer Setup & Installation

  • Hardware Upgrades

  • Custom Built Computer Systems

  • Security Camera Installation


Everything You Need. All in One Place



Diagnostic Fee

Fee waived on all paid repairs