Managed IT Services for Dental Practices

Avoid IT Challenges That Roadblock Practice Operations

Keeping your IT system running smoothly can improve almost every aspect of running your dental practice. Jax-Tech Dental IT support allows you and your team to focus your time on caring for patients without worries about your IT systems.


With unlimited dental practice IT support and extensive experience in HIPAA and PCI compliance, improve almost every aspect of running your dental practice. Jax-Tech Dental IT support allows you and your team to focus your time on caring for patients. 

Jax-Tech and Cloudstar have over 30 years’ combined experience offering Managed IT services for Healthcare, and we believe that our blend of industry knowledge and IT expertise can serve your firm well.

  • Managed IT Services

  • Email Encryption 

  • IT Consulting

  • Compliance Auditing 

  • Integrated Phone Systems

  • Project and Program Management

  • Cloud Computing Services

Adam Hensley
Dental Practice IT Consultant
Ph. 904-373-6300 x6008


Why Risk HIPAA Fines & Penalties?


Email security has never been easier. Let our experts show you how.

Built from the ground up for protecting medical data, our technology is simple enough for your small family practice, yet powerful enough for large hospital network.  Ultra Secure, yet simple utilizing Direct-to-Inbox delivery, secure portal, or both. It's never been easier to be HIPAA compliant.

We guaranty our email encryption technology is the best on the market. From simple, click and send, to advanced keyword based auto-encrypt, to these custom features:

  • Custom Password Protect

  • Password Free Options

  • Direct-To-Inbox

  • Encrypted PDF

  • Secure Portal

Data Backup that Meets HIPAA Requirements  

While no software can make you HIPAA compliant, Our MSP Backup & Recovery helps you move in the right direction.


Here are just a few ways:

  • Strong encryption

  • Access controls

  • Data center protection

  • Data archiving

Of course, MSP Backup & Recovery goes beyond HIPAA. It provides a multitude of features to give you powerful backup and recovery that helps you meet your RTOs and RPOs.


It includes: A hybrid cloud architecture that helps you rapidly restore systems and data via the speed of on-premises hardware, while also giving you the redundancy of secure, cloud-based backups.

True Delta deep deduplication that tracks changes to files, rather than full files, after the initial backup. This helps to speed up your backup windows, making it easier to back up data more often.

Bare metal recovery that helps you restore from the BIOS up, providing you with extra protection in the event of a major disaster like a cyber attack.


Strengthen Your IT Infrastructure

With over 30 years of combined experience , we understand the ever-evolving world of IT solutions and trends, and we want to help you navigate it.

Through our Managed IT as a Service package your business gains access to services that can dynamically change your office technology, increase the effectiveness of your company, and prepare it for what lies ahead.

Fortify your IT foundation with:

  • An in-depth assessment and unique technology roadmap for your business.

  • Proactive, round-the-clock monitoring.

  • Enhanced security software to help protect your networks and data.

  • Automated updates and patches, as well as comprehensive software support.

  • Onsite and cloud data backup to help keep your assets safe and secure.